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Atlanta: Mathematics and Music

This is a short report about a conference on Mathematics and Music. In presence. In the United States. With a vibrant community of researchers. Because in a crazy world it is more important than ever to hold on to beautiful things. In the conference logo, you can see a peach, a symbol of Atlanta, with a torus of musical intervals […]

The Smile of Math: When Categories In...

Category Theory is a branch of mathematics born during the 1950's of last century to model several branches of mathematics with the aid of points, arrows, and diagrams. Categorical thinking has proven to be useful in other disciplines as well, and thus, applied categories have been developed. We talked about this in another post. Books about category theory seem to be […]

“Klein Concert”: a Report on a Geomet...

  We often hear about youth lost in the world of alcohol and drugs, but less often of young people pleasantly immersed within geometry. And because geometry is a mathematical concept, and it is possible to investigate a bottle's curvature, as well as any liquids including alcohol which may be expressed meticulously via precise laws of […]

Why Physics Matters. An Interview wit...

Why do we need theoretical research in physics? What did it mean to be a young physicist in the Soviet Union? And finally, which characteristics should a good student of physics have? Dirac medalist and member of the National Academy of Sciences, Prof. Mikhail Shifman answers these questions and more for Math is in the Air. […]

Maths and Juggling

A mathematical language for juggling We have all seen, at least once in our life, a juggler tossing balls in the air. Why is that so impressing at our eyes? Despite having just two hands, any respectable juggler can juggle three balls at the same time. Considering for simplicity that one can handle one ball for each hand, how […]

Parent-teacher conference with a math...

The only experience that is worse than the annual condo meeting or queuing up at the post office is, probably, the parent-teacher conference. It's an ordeal for the parents, forced to wait a long time. It's cause of panic for the students, who are afraid that their parents may be mad at them. But, I […]

A (not so quick) introduction

Hi everyone, here we are! This is the very first post of this blog!  As you can see in our pages up here (collaborators, why this blog, and so on), we wrote a few lines of our aim and of our policies. And now...what else? We just want to explain everyone the ideas that brought us […]

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