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An Odyssey to Discover Round and Squa...

An Odyssey to Discover Round and Squared Pizzas!

The Geometry of a pizza Hi, everyone. Today we’re going to speak about pizza! Yes, I’m not crazy! I perfectly know it’s a blog on maths! Indeed, we want to talk of geometry of pizza and why there are some people who prepare it round and some who prepare it squared…who is earning money from […]

Cookies, clocks and soldiers: modular...

Cookies, clocks and soldiers: modular arithmetic!

Introduction and the 7 dwarfs It was October when one of my professors entered in the lesson room and said: “Once upon a time, Snow White wished to prepare cookies for the seven dwarfs. Obviously…with some conditions. She wanted to prepare the least number of cookies such that dividing them into 2 dwarfs there would […]

A (not so quick) introduction

Hi everyone, here we are! This is the very first post of this blog!  As you can see in our pages up here (collaborators, why this blog, and so on), we wrote a few lines of our aim and of our policies. And now...what else? We just want to explain everyone the ideas that brought us […]

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