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francesco_blogFrancesco got graduated in Pure and Applied Mathematics at Università di Roma Tor Vergata where he got both bachelor and master degree. He studied a lot of Pure Maths and he will try to make people love Mathematics using this blog!
Now, he works as a programmer and researcher in a Defense Technology company. He likes swimming, reading books and watching movies and tv series. He loves Metal music and one of the aims of his life is to obtain a Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath number.

davide_picDavide is an high school teacher and meanwhile he works as a consultant for a Software House in the field of Image Processing applied to biomedical and satellite data. In his free time he tries (and succeed) to coordinate this blog!

maurizia_blogMaurizia is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Unité de Recherche en Mathématiques - Université du Luxembourg
and got her PhD in Mathematics in Rome (Università "Tor Vergata") in November, 2015.
Her main research topics focus on Probability Theory: random fields, probabilistic approximations and Large Deviations... She deeply loves sweets, traveling and has fallen in love with Cardio Combat Dance, that is surely going to be declared the national sport in Luxembourg 🙂

pasquale_blogPasquale got a bachelor degree in aerospace engineering at Università di Napoli Federico II. At the moment he is an NHV Engineer consultant and specialist in Turin where he gives out pearls of wisdom and vast knowledge about complex systems dynamic. He spends his free time writing code and researching on robotics without achieving any resounding success.

andrea_blogAndrea works in the Customer Care Division of Enel Energia, in Rome. He got a Master Degree in Mathematics at Università di Roma Tor Vergata and now he is expert of Data Analysis, especially with words. He's a huge supporter of A.S. Roma and a Star Wars' follower.


Stefano is a software engineer working in the UK. He holds a PhD in physics and worked in the field of nanotechnology before joining the software industry. In his free time he enjoys his family, regularly breaks his laptop, and reads about new programming languages.