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Creative Mathematics: An Application ...

By Maria Mannone PANGOLIN (Ground Pangolin, manis temminckii)     A pangolin curled up in the defensive position: When the pangolin is frightened, it curls up, becoming a sort of armored ball that the predatory animals are not able to open, but easy to be caught by poachers. The pangolin is characterized by a strong scale […]

Spaghetti Coder: Generative Art and ...

  This post presents the interview with Mitjanit, the author of  Spaghetti Coder  a multimedia project started in January 2015 by creative coder Toni Mitjanit (@spaghetticoder77) in the area of Generative Art in order to explore new boundaries in audiovisual expression. It is focused on producing amazing graphics, fascinating sounds and interactive animations using creative coding. […]

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