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Creative Mathematics: An Application ...

By Maria Mannone PANGOLIN (Ground Pangolin, manis temminckii)     A pangolin curled up in the defensive position: When the pangolin is frightened, it curls up, becoming a sort of armored ball that the predatory animals are not able to open, but easy to be caught by poachers. The pangolin is characterized by a strong scale […]

Game Of Math: The MaxEnt Algorithm an...

Game Of Math: The MaxEnt Algorithm and Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones. Surely you're wondering how does Mathematics fit in Game of Thrones? Well I confess, I could use any other TV series to tell you what follows in this post, but honestly ... what is best than Game of Thrones (GoT)? The connection to Mathematics is not so much considered in the series but in […]

What is Applied Maths?

"Applied mathematics is mathematics for which I happen to know an application. This, I think, includes almost everything in mathematics." (Henry O. Pollack ) Probably there is no unique definition of applied maths. In this article we report some references that analyze the problem and  try to answer this question. One of the most generic definition is the […]

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