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Euclidean distance and others: non Eu...

Euclidean distance and others: non Euclidean geometries [Part 3]

Every day, everyone asks itself about the best way to move from a point A to a point B. Usually, if you are always late like me, you want to pick the shortest way. To define the shortest way between two points can be really easy in some cases but not in all. All distances […]

Euclidean distance and others: metric...

Short sum up... In a previous post we talked about Euclidean and other distances... In that post we introduced the definition of Euclidean, taxi driver and infinity distances. Almost anyone of you remembers the minimum distance, at the end of the post we explained that the minimum distance is not acceptable as a measure because it does not […]

Euclidean distance and others: bikers...

In these days I and a collegue of mine had a conversation on a recent law proposed by  Ségolèn Royal in French Parlament. Shortly, this law would provide a monetary refund for those who go to work by bike; the refund is proportional to the distance covered every day. After a moment, everyone of us started thinking at the main point of it; everyone knows that there are […]

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